Landslide Hazards: Anthem to Flagstaff

Wednesday October 21, 2020 4:00 PM

We are excited to announce a virtual meeting on October 21st, 2020 from 4-6pm. Our guest speakers will be Brian Gootee and Joe Cook, both of which are research geologists with the Arizona geological survey. Their topic will be “AZGS at Work for Arizona: Identifying Landslide Deposits and Hazards Along the I-17 Corridor from Anthem to Flagstaff, AZ”. This landslide series was focused on throughout the year by AEG, this will be a great opportunity to get a rich landslide history of the area as well as learn about the risks posed by landslides at present. The two guest speakers have a rich background in research pertaining to Arizona geologic hazards, where both have extensive research in Arizona earth fissures, debris flows, landslides and quaternary mapping. Bios for each speaker will be presented in subsequent emails. Speakers will present for around one hour, with a happy hour to follow.

If you did not follow the postings earlier in the year regarding the meeting topic, an excellent resource to get caught up is found at the AZGS blog postings found by clicking the link here. In summary, the findings of the AZGS regarding past landslides and current instability in the area from Anthem to Flagstaff is especially valuable with ADOT’s plans to spend over $300 million expanding and improving the I-17. There are significant risks posed by the landslides as some previous landslide planes cross the I-17. Future slides may block this highway, or could dam the Agua Fria River, threatening downstream communities with catastrophic flooding.  More detailed information will follow.

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