Oak Creek-Mormon Lake Graben

The Geologic Field Trip Guide: Oak Creek-Mormon Lake Graben, North-Central Arizona by Paul Lindberg

This geologic field trip guide circumnavigates a loop of ~120 miles from Flagstaff to Sedona along Highway 89A and returns to Flagstaff along the Lake Mary Road.

The 12 geologic stops focus on recent faulting and the encroachment of Basin and Range extensional structures on the Colorado Plateau. Each stop is detailed in the text, which is amply illustrated with photographs and colored geologic sketches.

The guide is made available to the public courtesy of Paul Lindberg and the Arizona Geological Society.


Cross section of the Oak Creek – Mormon Lake Graben (PL)
Schnebly Hill sandstone deformed along Laramide-age, reverse Oak Creek fault
Basalt lava flow capping volcanic tephra at junction of Stoneman Lake and Lake Mary Road
Geologist Paul Lindberg at exposure of the Lake Mary Fault on Marshall Road adjacent to Upper Lake Mary

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  1. Just saw your guide book to last year’s Grand Canyon field trip. Do you have any field trips for 2015 that I might be able to sign up for?

    Susie Murphy

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