January 2017 Dinner Meeting

Join us for our January 2017 Dinner Meeting at McFate Brewing Company in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Our speaker will be Mr. Geno Mammini, R.G. who will be presenting on Groundwater Recharge – Siting, Design, Operation, and Enhancement.


Geno Mammini, R.G. is a senior project hydrogeologist at Clear Creek Associates with over 16 years of experience in hydrogeologic and environmental consulting.  Geno graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from California State University – Sonoma in 2000.  Geno is a Registered Geologist in Arizona and Washington, and is the groundwater chair for the Tri-State Seminar, an annual event held in Las Vegas that focuses on educating water professionals.  Geno has managed the design and construction of numerous public supply wells, ASR wells, vadose zone injection wells, and groundwater recharge basins, and has also conducted studies to enhance performance of recharge facilities.

Groundwater recharge remains an important water resources management tool in the southwest.  However, with today’s economic conditions, public and private entities alike must get the greatest return possible for each recharge investment dollar.  That is why it is critical to properly locate, construct, and operate recharge facilities to maximize their capability to efficiently recharge groundwater, both in the short-term and over the long haul.  This presentation will review types of recharge technologies including vadose zone methods and direct injection systems, and will discuss factors that should be considered during each stage of the recharge project from siting through design and ultimately operation.  Case studies will be sited to support hydrogeologic and costing assumptions.

Thank you to our sponsor Clear Creek Associates and Geo-Logic Associates:

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